We are the leader in soft rubber manufacturing. Our products range includes:

Premiums / Stationery / Household / Wedding / Gifts & Souvenirs / ETC

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         Bangkok is fast becoming known as a Fashion City. The Thai Government has initiated a huge program to promote Thailand across the globe as a fashion hub. TP World Products Co., Ltd has embraced the initiative by launching products made from synthetic rubber under the brand et’cetera.

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          et’cetera Products are highly innovative. Our wide range of products includes handbags, belts, mobile accessories and bracelets. The raw material used to create these highly fashionable items is synthetic rubber. Our design team is skilled in combining colors and materials for maximum impact.

          et’cetera Products cannot be easily replicated because every step in the advanced production process, from mold forming to coloring, requires skilled manual operators. For truly unique and impressive rubber fashion items, TP World Products Co., Ltd. is the leader.




We, TP World Products Co., Ltd.

Are the leader in sift rubber manufacturing. Our products range includes:

Remarkable Gifts, Premiums & Promotional Items


Fashion & Accessories

Household & Decorative Items

We are proud to offer made – to – order products with your name, logo or image.

TP World Products Co., Ltd.


Small minimum orders mean that you can avoid costly set – up fees associated with other type of products. We provide a quick turnaround time for reasonably priced products that you will be proud to use.


Colorfast, washable, sun-resistant, pliable & long-lasting products with excellent clarity. Multiple colors and detailed artwork are not a problem for TP World Products. Our precision work & multicolor process gives your product a clean and modern look. These strong and flexible products come in custom sizes, designed meet your requirements.


Using your artwork or our in-house design team, we cerate effective products with the affordability and fast turnaround time. Customer Service is our top priority. You don’t have to be a technical wizard to work with us. Relax – we’ll handle the details.

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